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Online Resources

Document Inquiry

You can view our vast database of Marriage Licenses, Deeds, Tax information and other documents on line from the leisure of your home or office with the click of your mouse.

Assessors Land Book

View the Assessors Record Land Book where you can find Mapping, Deedbook, and Property information.

2016 State of WV Individual Personal Property and Real Estate Report Form

(In PDF Form format so you can fill in the information with your keyboard)

2016 State of WV Individual Personal Property and Real Estate Report Form

(Blank form to be filled out with Ink Pen)

Personal Property Returns

Information pertaining to Personal Property Taxation
Personal Tax Information Filing Online

Commercial Business Returns

Information pertaining to Commercial Business Taxation
Business Tax Information Form

Homestead / Disability Exemption

Information relating to applying for and where to apply for the Homestead/Disability Exemption for real property
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Reminder to Taxpayers

Information relating to tax returns to the Assessors including all valuation forms for personal property
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P. O. Box 40
Wayne, WV 25570


Personal Property Office
Room 105, Wayne County Courthouse
Real Estate Office
620 Hendricks Street Wayne, WV 25570


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday
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Thursday 8 am - 7 pm




Assessor Ric Browning
Phone: 304-272-6352

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